Parts fiche for SAAB two-cycle models 93,95,96,GT-750,Sport

The enclosed pages are not from a scanned document, most are from a very used set of microfiche sheets from an old Saab dealer, but which was missing the first sheet. I recently acquired an NOS set, and I have added the missing images. Each image was displayed on a fiche viewer and photographed with a digital camera. The resulting photos weren't directly suitable because of a dark background, uneven brightness and pincushion distortion. The images were bright in the center and dark at the edges because of the simple illumination of the fiche reader.

The following steps were performed on each image in GIMP to produce the final result: Image Mode set to Grayscale; colors inverted; then Filters==>Distort==>Lens Distort==>Main value 7 to remove pincushion distortion; image rotated until horizontal; cropped at 4x3 aspect ratio; size then scaled to 1840x1380; layer duplicated to generate a brightness mask layer; on the duplicate: Filter==>Blur==>Gaussian Blur at 300 Horiz and Vert to generate mask; set layers mode to “Grain Extract” (Windows==>Dockable Dialogs==>Layers==>Mode...) to subtract mask (E=I-M+128); then Image===>Flatten Image; and finally brightness+contrast adjusted 64+64 or as needed. NOTE: The "Grain Extract" layer mode is not generally useful, it just worked well here. A more general method is to color invert the mask and use "Overlay" mode ( E=[I/255]*[I+[2*M/255]*[255-I]] ). Then the mask layer can be duplicated for additional effect. For 636 photos, this was VERY time consuming. I wish I had been able to source a printed manual for simple scanning.

I hope at least one vintage Saab owner finds this useful.

Ted Yurkon (aka saabyurk)
January 2, 2014

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Reading INDEX entries

The Index lines can be interpreted as in this example:
6 1:1 Front wheel suspension and steering device (4-E02)
"6 1:1" means group 6, page 1:1 (useful when finding a page listed in the Numerical Index)
"(4-E02)" means fiche sheet #4, image row E, image column 02 (see thumbnails)

Fiche Sheet Images With Page Links:      1   2   3   4   5   6 


0 GROUP INDEX (General, Numerical Index, Complete sets)


2 GROUP INDEX (Engine)

3 GROUP INDEX (Electrical system, Instruments)

4 GROUP INDEX (Transmission)

5 GROUP INDEX (Brakes)

6 GROUP INDEX (Front wheel suspension and steering device)

7 GROUP INDEX (Suspension, Wheels)


9 GROUP INDEX (Instruments, heating system, accessories)

10 GROUP INDEX (Miscellaneous)